Getting people better, faster.

Our founder, Teresa Wong, was asked in her first job interview as a physio, “If you could do anything in rehab, what would that be?” She replied, “Improve our ability to get people better, faster.”  That was in 1993. 

This “better, faster” ethos defined her last 25 years through research, academics and cross-pollination in other industries such as hi-tech, biotech and performance training.  Five years ago, it brought her to Singapore where she still works closely with fearless pioneers around the world who believe they can make a difference.

INTUWALK is our continuously evolving platform for getting people better, faster.  It is a powerful collective effort where knowledge, skills, and passion is shared and integrated upon a common mission to improve human lives.

Our partners

The global community we've built over two decades now spans multiple continents and industries with new partners joining our mission every day.  These include stroke survivors, medical professionals, service organizations, healthcare leaders, researchers, manufacturers and developers.